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wiki-net changes

Our recent changes and the recent changes of the neighbors in our wiki-net merged

Another attempt to achieve this functionality is on planet wiki-net for "s23-wiki: wiki-net changes".

Included here are

<a href= >stampa digitale</a> <a href= >versioni latino</a> <a href= >vacanza formentera</a> <a href= >biglietto aeri</a> <a href= >orologio antichi</a> <a href= >cazzo enormi</a> <a href= >racconto erotici</a> <a href= >sfondo 3d</a> <a href= >parigi ristorante</a> <a href= >giochi avventura</a>

ToDo here

<tasks> [1] fix and add EggdropWiki (mutante) [2] Get Witzwiki active (MattisManzel)

[2] Get Wikinorum active (Finn) [2] Display changes chronological for all wikis included, not sorted by wiki. Changes need a timestamp. Like it is on the oddwikis is ok (mutante) </tasks>

see: planetwiki