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=== wiki-net changes ===
Hacked By TehLiqE
'''Our recent changes and the recent changes of the neighbors in our [[WikiNet|wiki-net]] merged'''
Another attempt to achieve this functionality is on [http://s23.org/wikinet/ planet wiki-net for "s23-wiki: wiki-net changes"].
Included here are
* [[Special:Recentchanges|recent changes]]
** the ''recent changes'' of this wiki
* [http://communitywiki.org/odd/OddWikiCenter/changes oddwiki-center: changes]
** English wiki-center for the oddwiki-hive
* [http://communitywiki.org/odd/OddWikiZentrum/Neues oddwiki-Zentrum: Neues]
** German wiki-center for the oddwiki-hive
* [http://communitywiki.org/odd/TeachMe/changes teach-me-wiki: changes]
** teaching and learning online in real-time
* [http://communitywiki.org/odd/WikiWoodstock/changes wiki-Woodstock: changes]
** the geeks' repetitive online happening for everybody
* [http://www.communitywiki.org/odd/WikiNet/changes wiki-net: changes]
** the wiki net consists of all wikis connected to a wiki-node
* [[Witzwiki:Spezial:Recentchanges|Witz-wiki: letzte Änderungen]]
** ein wiki für Witze
* [http://wikinorum.org/wiki/Spezial:Recentchanges salvia-wikinorum: letzte Änderungen]
** Salvia Divinorum wiki - Salvia Wikinorum
==== the recent changes in our wiki-net ====
==== ToDo here ====
[1] fix and add [http://s23.org/eggwiki/ EggdropWiki] (mutante)
[2] Get [http://witzwiki.de Witzwiki] active (MattisManzel)
[2] Get [http://wikinorum.org Wikinorum] active (Finn)
[2] Display changes chronological for all wikis included, not sorted by wiki. Changes need a timestamp. Like it is on the oddwikis is ok (mutante)
see: [http://s23.org/planetwiki/ planetwiki]

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Hacked By TehLiqE