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User talk:MattisManzel

Revision as of 09:38, 6 February 2005 by imported>MattisManzel (moving talk to Talk)
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The automaticly generated links are really cool. I haven't seen that before nowhere in wikilandia. -- MattisManzel

Mattis, welcome to the wiki, happy to have ya. I liked FlashMobWiki. cool concept. I remember seeing something similiar in adbusters -KunDa

Hi KunDa, nice to be here, there's ideas flying round here. To use the intermap as translation tool rocks. I need time to read and there are too many other places I'm trying to be at. Thanks for the nice words about FMW, I just see no GFM #3 growing right now. Else I'm pretty satisfied about it. Mobbers and wiki - that takes time. Critique on and ideas for it are allways welcome. Noding it all by WikiNode is next, I guess. Weird Consumerium troll confuses me. Have a nice sunday. -- MattisManzel

Where was that you hang out on IRC again? #s23 and #evoke are empty at least. Thanks -- MattisManzel

efnet @ #seti23 -- TaLisMaN

oh, what did i find here trying out the new Image:Mattis%20Manzel links, i didnt know you already published a book, wow... and the name of it is "Peinlich" ? that sounds fun ..and it fits your wiki ideas to offer it for free download. very nice..


Peinlich: Der Berliner Schriftsteller Mattis Manzel wusste das nat�?�rlich: Er suchte und fand einen dieser peinlichen Erst- lingsromane, und statt ihn aufzuschreiben, pr�?�gelte er auf ihn ein, bis er Literatur spuckte. Das Buch, das dabei anfiel, ist ein prΣziser Anschlag auf den guten Geschmack und ein fantastisch inszenierter Verrat an dem, was den heute etwas verrufenen Namen 'Deutsche Prosa' trΣgt. hier gratis downloaden.





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