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Revision as of 20:40, 15 June 2006 by imported>mutante (too short?)
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General Discordian Pope (so treat me right). Definitely have the dork nature (prim'ly player pianos and electronics, also math, physics, and fnord other).

There's a good chance our grids don't align perfectly, but that's allright. A lot of times unaligned grids look real nice together, so go ahead and leave me a message.

I can also read. In english. Can you read? Read this.

<blinken delay=1 bgcolor="0,0,0" lamponcolor="0,255,0" lampoffcolor="50,0,0">RED RED RED RED RED</blinken> <blinken delay=1 bgcolor="0,0,0" lamponcolor="255,0,0" lampoffcolor="20,50,0">GREEN GREEN GREEN GREEN GREEN</blinken>

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