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This is a ToDo list for the S23Wiki itself:

<tasks> [1] Upgrade to latest MediaWiki Version (mutante) [1] Fix e-mailing for lost password request! | Which user are you so i can help you manually first. ~~~~ [1] Re-Add "my tasks" link (and others?) to user menu (mutante) [1] Update and reactive DPL extension, outdated version needed to be commented out because it broke Special:Userrights (mutante) [1] Install Extension:Usage_Statistics & Gnuplot (mutante) [1] Update Simple forms Ajax, form to categorize current page,see old task below (mutante) [1] Fix user toolbar colors (mutante) [1] Finish form on WikiNode (mutante) [2] Record the pronunciation of the word dreiundzwanzig with a microphone and upload it as .ogg, to be inserted to en-wt:dreiundzwanzig and fulfill the audio request (All) [2] implement "categories for the dropdown select-list" via SimpleForms [3] WikiNode/Map: Fix GraphExtension (mutante) [3] fix missing symbols in math-tag, are they really still missing?? [3] fix cowsay (missing font 23bunny),see on User:DrOwl missing fonts in ASCII_Art_Extensions [ ] remove as many dead-end pages as possible by adding links to other wiki pages to them / 'wikify' </tasks>

feel free to add Wiki ToDOs here, should work more efficient than just waiting on IRC for me.

other ToDo's: Wikistats/ToDo,Special:Tasks