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ting60, Sunday, 21st of May 2006, 18:00 UTC (20:00 CEST)

We are meeting half an hour before a ting on irc, server freenode, channel #onebigsoup. We use Gobby as a collaborative editor (v0.3.0 only please - older versions are incompatile and will likely ruin the ting) and teamspeak for VoIP. The collab-editor-server is kathigraben.mine.nu, port 6522 (default). You find the teamspeak login data on the gobby page ting60_talk or ask in irc.freenode #onebigsoup. Joining the ting on gobby only is surely welcome.
See ting-wiki for more.

The collab-editor-server is

kathigraben.mine.nu, port 6522 (default)

teamspeak login

XXXXXXXXX, port 8767 (default)

In teamspeak use Quick connect to join.

Joining the ting on gobby only is surely welcome. See ting-wiki for more. http://is-root.de/wiki/TingWiki

topic proposals

ting60 copied in from gobby

Participants (sign, name, location)

  • ma: Mattis Manzel, Berlin
  • hi: HinnerK, Hamburg
  • sh: Radomir Dopieralski, Poznań
  • bt: Brian Templeton, Raleigh

ma: na?

hi: ekiga?

ma: jo ekiga, gnome-meeting, neuer name.

hi: alles, was wir bei http://bm.doomicile.de/tags.php/nerdalert taggen, erscheint eingebettet per rss auf http://nerdalert.de

ma: chic! Morgen also Vortrag. Brauch mir darum, dass da welche mit laptop sind - bereit zu real-time ausprobieren -, wohl keine Sorgen zu machen, ne?

hi: mattis, bist du aufgeregt?

ma: Gibts für BaseCamp irgendwelche Ansätze in Deutschland? Amsterdam ist dabei, die hatten heut ihr zweites, glaub ich. Brüssel auch.

Denkt alle daran dies ting alle paar Minuten auf eure Platte zu sichern, bitte. Wenn Gobby abkackt, und das macht er manchmal, is alles weg. Vorletztes ting, 1 1/2 Stunden allerfeinst mit mutante und sheep ist uns komplett flöten gegeangen.

HinerK, Ihr benutzt die HomePage direkt zur rss Inklusion. Das ist dreist und legitim. Wir hatten auf community-wiki bislang (nur) die Idee lokale,zurzeit gerade "heisse" Seiten zu inkludieren. Alles bis zur ersten == Überschrift == wird per <aggregate PageName> in die FrontPage eingebunden. Das funktioniert auf oddwiki (noch) nicht. Nur auf community-wiki. http://www.communitywiki.org/de/FrontPage.

sh: bpt, greetings for Cthulthu! Don't wake him up :)

bt: sh, shub-internet is watching us

ma: yalla! (Turkish: here we go!)

sh: Banzai! (Japanese: here we go! not really ;) ) 'ere we go anyways Do we continue our discussion about whether lawyers are needed and how to get rid of them? :3

ma: checked for lawyerwiki.org, occupied. remember saving here and now ;)

sh: what's in there?

ma: parked domain, I think. there are myriads of wiki to make, myriads. Gazillions. We should make an efford to register the best domains commonly to commonly earn some money on them. Hugh.

sh: are there enough users for them? :/ How do you make money on wiki?

ma: include google ads, like wikia does it.

sh: I knew it's something evil >:)

bt: hosted wiki services commonly do that too, like pbwiki but not oddwiki fortunately (:

ma: not that I think it's good, but if it's a way.to start it? We'll develop our own financing in a new currency anyhow. It's great that ther's no commercials on oddmuse / community-wki / odwiki.

sh: wonder how adsense would work with wiki :D You know, some words getting highlighted and you get on-hover ads on them... You could buy out all the WikiWords :D

ma: mutante might know more about that. The interesting part starts when saying goodbye to google-ads.

hi: what about services for these avatars in second life etc? i've heard the first millionar is born through that - he has a discotheque with djs from RL (sh: RogueLike?) (Real Life ;) (sh: what's that?) this adventure with damn looking grfx sh: and crappy plot

ma: lion says not looking at second-life is like not looking at a mac in '86. I oppose it somehow. Aweakening gradually, admit. saved

sh: newline is somehow awkward when somone is already writing at the bottom, isn't it? [22:09:42] <HinnerK> unfortunately you can't paste into gobby hmm...

ma: hm. Us three make the base. Others can join in. When we register a domain together it costs us a third of 12 Euro / per year. doctorwiki.org, bolognawiki.it all that stuff. How do we call the wiki for organizing that? I mean it!

hi: these amsterdamned barcamp sound interesting

ma: ja. Debohra, wer immer das ist, hat mich von BarCampEarth nach http://barcamp.org/RichDistributedCollaboration gehievt. Ich will, dass das benutzt wird, know?

hi: verstanden ;-) hu, bin ich slow heut

ma: ich man auch. Korrektes ting aber zum Vorzeigen, morgen, danke (und auf mac *freu*).

hi: ich schau, dass ich ab 18:30 connecte, bin dann in K ;)