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The ting5 will take place on Thursday, 24th of Febuary 21:00 GMT

La Ting-Session ting5 aura lieu jeudi 24 février à 21:00 GMT (22:00 CET) 22h00 heure française !

La sessione ting5 si terrà Giovedì 24 Febbraio, alle 21:00 GMT (22:00 CET)

  • Login the moon-edit server c.h23.org (you need to have moon-edit installed to do so). Open the pages ting5_document and ting5_talk as visualized on ting2. You'll not be alone on ting-time. A bientot.
  • Informations à propos des Ting-Sessions Ici

That was ting4 btw.


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News: The latest moon-edit server version is installed. It sorts the filelist by date (just like wiki-recent-changes do) and highlights pages that have one or more users present on it.

Topics - Sujets

  • Next: ting6, Sunday 27th of Feb, 18:00 GMT (19:00 CET), k?
  • Other moon-edit servers. Who can provide and maintain one?
  • Make an appointement for a session on the generateur poietique.

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