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#S23 Homepage Updater - by mutante 18.Oct.2003
bind pubm - "*!update*" update
putlog "s23 hp updater loaded"

proc update {nick host handle chan text} {
set file /home/antisect/public_html/update.txt
set fs [open /home/antisect/public_html/update.txt a+]
set news [lrange $text 1 end]
if {[string match "*http*" $news]} {
set news "<a href='$news'>$news</a>"
} else {
set news $news
set ctime [clock format [clock seconds]]
puts $fs "$news - added by $nick on $ctime"
putserv "PRIVMSG mutante :Updater used by $nick on $ctime - message $news"
putserv "PRIVMSG $nick :523 - I added your message to http://s23.org/~antisect/ircnews.php"
close $fs
return 0