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Ok guys, here we go with the MoonEdit to Mediawiki integration: Try out this:

  1. Create a new file, for example "fnord" on the MoonEdit server (is-root.de ,default port)
  2. Go back to the wiki and insert into any page <ting>fnord</ting> save and watch

You can do this with other filenames and pages of course.

Use this to save your Ting sessions to the Wiki. mutante 16:28, 12 Mar 2005 (CET)

Using the "Watch" function and adding all TingWiki pages into your watchlist makes you have your own recent changes. Also notice that each wiki page has a corresponding Talk: page (the "discussion" link above). This way you can keep chat and document seperated, actually like you are already doing it on the ME server. So you could have the document in TingWiki/ting2 and the chat in Talk:TingWiki/ting2. comment from mutante 14:25, 13 Feb 2005 (CET) (actually this comment should also go to Talk:TingWiki, but wanted to make sure its not overlooked at first.

Hey guys, now you have your own TingWiki-RecentChanges page. Will work more on it and try to have as a regular Special page in wiki. greets, mutante 01:35, 1 Mar 2005 (CET)

Special:TingWiki/Recent changes - something like that would be great. Best it should be in the menue of TingWiki, as recent changes. The s23-wikis recent changes are "all changes" then - that's at least how it is on oddwiki. There might be better solutions though. Dunno. MattisManzel

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