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    List of well-known TCP Port numbers.

    Port Number Description
    1<a href="TCP.html">TCP</a> Port Service Multiplexer (TCPMUX)
    5Remote Job Entry (RJE)
    18Message Send Protocol (MSP)
    20<a href="FTP.html">FTP</a> -- Data
    21FTP -- Control
    22<a href="SSH.html">SSH</a> Remote Login Protocol
    23<a href="Telnet.html">Telnet</a>
    25<a href="SMTP.html">Simple Mail Transfer Protocol</a> (SMTP)
    29MSG ICP
    42Host Name Server (Nameserv)
    49Login Host Protocol (Login)
    53<a href="DNS.html">Domain Name System</a> (DNS)
    69<a href="TFTP.html">Trivial File Transfer Protocol</a> (TFTP)
    70<a href="gopher.html">Gopher</a> Services
    79<a href="finger.html">Finger</a>
    80<a href="HTTP.html">HTTP</a>
    103<a href="X_400.html">X.400</a> Standard
    108SNA Gateway Access Server
    110<a href="POP3.html">POP3</a>
    115Simple File Transfer Protocol (SFTP)
    118SQL Services
    119Newsgroup (<a href="NNTP.html">NNTP</a>)
    137<a href="NetBIOS.html">NetBIOS</a> Name Service
    139NetBIOS Datagram Service
    143Interim Mail Access Protocol (IMAP)
    150NetBIOS Session Service
    156<a href="SQL_Server.html">SQL Server</a>
    161<a href="SNMP.html">SNMP</a>
    179<a href="BGP.html">Border Gateway Protocol</a> (BGP)
    190Gateway Access Control Protocol (GACP)
    194<a href="IRC.html">Internet Relay Chat</a> (IRC)
    197Directory Location Service (DLS)
    389<a href="LDAP.html">Lightweight Directory Access Protocol</a> (LDAP)
    396Novell Netware over IP
    443<a href="HTTPS.html">HTTPS</a>
    444Simple Network Paging Protocol (SNPP)
    458Apple <a href="QuickTime.html">QuickTime</a>
    546<a href="DHCP.html">DHCP</a> Client
    547DHCP Server
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