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#REDIRECT [[software]]
Computer software (or simply software) refers to one or more computer programs and data held in the storage of a [[computer]] for some purpose.
The term software was first used in this sense by [[Wikipedia:John W. Tukey|John W. Tukey]] in 1957.
Computer software is so called in contrast to computer [[hardware]], which is the physical substrate which stores and executes (or "runs") the software.
Computer science divides software into two big classes: ''system software'' and ''application software''. All other subclasses belong to these two classes.
''System software'' helps run the computer hardware and computer system. It includes [[operating system]]s, device drivers, programming [[tools]], [[server]]s, [[window managers|windowing systems]], utilities and more.
''Application software'' (Apps) allows a user to accomplish one or more specific tasks. Typical applications include office suites, business software, educational software, databases and computer [[games]]. Most of application software has [[GUI]]s.
Further reading on [[Wikipedia:Software]]
Related: [[Hardware]], [[Wetware]]

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