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Self Extracting EXE

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"ZIP 2 Secure EXE" is a utility program that creates self-extracting EXE files for Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP. Self-extracting EXE files are executable programs (EXEs) that contain a ZIP file and the software necessary to unzip the contents. Users can unzip the contents of a self-extracting EXE simply by running it like any other program. No other software is needed.

Features of ZIP 2 Secure EXE

  1. Up to 256-bit Strong AES Encryption.
  2. Streaming Technology.
  3. Progress Indicators.
  4. Run from DOS in a Batch File.
  5. Unzip to a Temp Directory and Run a Setup EXE.

How to Create an AES Encrypted Self-Extracting EXE

Use the Browse button to find the ZIP you want to convert into an EXE. Select an encryption key-length (128 bit, 192 bit, or 256 bit), enter a password, and then click Create. If your ZIP was named "myApp.zip", then an EXE named "myApp.exe" will be created in the same directory. The created EXE will only unzip if you enter the same password.

or on the commandline:

% ChilkatZipSE.exe -autotemp -run <exe_filename> -encrypt \
  <128 | 192 | 256> -password <password> ZipFilename


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