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The Newsfeed URL of this wiki is: http://wiki.s23.org/wiki.pl?action=rss

Many other feeds can be found here: http://www.syndic8.com/ - http://www.feedroom.com/rssmain.jsp

Readers for RSS can be found here: http://blogspace.com/rss/readers

i saw screenshot from a reader called newsmonster (http://newsmonster.org), and by its description it should be one of the best arround, because it can handle so many different plattforms, etc, blabla. ... but i have problems to get it running, did anyone made good experiences with it? also there is another 'gnome-plattform'-rss-newsreader, called "straw", a python-based reader, wich should be esasily installable by using the apt-get command (debian, unstable). but in my case it was not willing to work either. [xack]


for newsmonster:

- use mozilla-browser_1.4-4.he-1_i386.deb
- install j2re1.4.1 to /usr/local/
- ln -s /usr/local/j2re1.4.1/plugin/i386/mozilla/javaplugin_oji.so /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins/, 
- start as root: mozilla /tmp/newsmonster-1.2.2-final-1065627885-pro.xpi

use mozilla as user

Regards, HinnerK

An Introduction to RSS Newsfeeds: http://blogs.law.harvard.edu/tech/rss RSS 2.0 specification: http://blogs.law.harvard.edu/tech

Feeds und Einfuehrung auf deutsch: http://rss-verzeichnis.de/

Hab zwar noch keine richtige Ahnung, wie der Hase lΣuft, aber Quellen k÷nnten vielleicht wichtig sein:

http://polyboy.net/dl/rocker_rss_quellen.tgz , so far xackapfel


For Debian Users : i found "liferea" to be pretty nice. apt-get install liferea and then there is also "straw" , but it needs a lot more libs to download. both are gnome based, but can of course be used with other wm's as well.


You can also have RSS-Feeds inside your Jabber client: see: > JabberRss , Jabber


also see: RssTcl

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