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The Internet's most versatile HTML editor


  1. Ultra fast access to this file*: Slow dial-up modem (33,600 baud) 1.0 seconds
  2. Standard ISDN (64kbps) 0.9 seconds
  3. Cable Modems (around 10Mbps) 0.01 seconds
  • Speed of access will depend on speed of your computer and where the file is located

Get NOTEPAD Now for W95/98/ME users: file://C:/windows/notepad.exe

Get NOTEPAD Now for NT/2000 users: file://C:/winnt/system32/notepad.exe

Get NOTEPAD Now for XP/2003 users file://C:/windows/system32/notepad.exe


Awesome wiki page :) (i really love the "Get NotePad Now file:// links hillarious!)

Yea..i use NotePad when im on windows but a major handicap I find it has is: that it doesn't remember whitespace positioning. So it's a bitch to write any indented code. (you know what I mean?)

<Kunda> the only thingk i have with notepad is that it doesnt remember indentation

<Kunda> so its a bitch to keep markup nice and pretty

<Kunda> you know?

<mutante> yeah, its not good because of the line breaks

<mutante> windows / unix line breaks not compatible

<mutante> thats why on windows i actually recommend UltraEdit or [ProTon]

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