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#Restart mysqld normally
#Restart mysqld normally
You are also able to reset the mysql root password by the help of the following line, while server is up:
[http://sunsite.mff.cuni.cz/MIRRORS/ftp.mysql.com/doc/en/Resetting_permissions.html How to Reset a Forgotten Root Password]
# /etc/init.d/mysql reset-password
New MySQL root password:
Setting new MySQL root password
[http://dev.mysql.com/doc/refman/5.0/en/resetting-permissions.html How to Reset a Forgotten Root Password]
=== Making backups / mysqldump ===
=== Making backups / mysqldump ===
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=== IRC ===
=== IRC ===
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#[irc://efnet/mysql #mysql] on [[EfNet]]
#[irc://efnet/mysql #mysql] on [[EfNet]]
#[irc://freenode/mysql #mysql] on [[Freenode]]
#[irc://freenode/mysql #mysql] on [[Freenode]]
==== Group by Delete via temp table ====
<+mutante> hi, i do something like "select foo,bar,count(id) from table group by foo order by count(id);"
<+mutante> now i would like to "delete ... where count(id) (from above) = 1"
<+mutante> can i combine that?
<+mutante> i want to delete all rows where there is only one foo per bar
<+salle> mutante: Create temporary table out of the query above
<+salle> mutante: CREATE TEMPORARY TABLE temp SELECT foo, COUNT(id) AS c FROM tbl GROUP BY foo HAVING c = 1;
<+salle> mutante: CREATE TEMPORARY TABLE temp SELECT foo AS c FROM tbl GROUP BY foo HAVING c = 1;
<+salle> mutante: Now use that table in DELETE
<+salle> mutante: If it's so small MEMORY engine works perfect. If big it's wise to add some index on the fly
<+salle> mutante: DELETE FROM your_table WHERE foo IN (SELECT foo FROM temp); should work
<+salle> mutante: MySQL doesn't allow DELETE FROM x WHERE .. (SELECT ... FROM x)
<+salle> mutante: same for UPDATE. In many cases it is doable with multi-table DELETE and UPDATE syntax, but GROUP BY makes it more difficult if possible at all

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