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    Movies/Donnie Darko

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    Movies/Donnie Darko

    One of the weirdest films I ever saw, but nonetheless one of the best, too.

    "[...] Jake Gyllenhaal gives a superb performance as the title character, a lost, confused, brilliant teenager in the throes of a soul-deadening high school education. He sees a shrink and takes medication for his depression. But things have been getting worse; he's been sleepwalking and waking up miles away from his house.

    One night, the sleepwalking actually comes in handy; while he's out, a mysterious plane engine plummets from the sky and lands square in the middle of Donnie's room.

    He's alive, but strange things begin to happen. A self-help guru (Patrick Swayze) begins to infest the school and Donnie's favorite teacher (Drew Barrymore) loses her job over a Graham Greene story. One of the local crackpots, Mrs. Sparrow, turns out to be the author of a book on time travel. He even begins dating the new girl in school (Jena Malone). Strangest of all, he begins to have conversations about the end of the world with a six-foot demonic rabbit named Frank. [...]" (excerpt from [1])

    some thoughts:[edit]

    • One of the double feature movies' is "The Last Temptation of Christ" (nice connection)
    • "We all die alone in the end" (do we or do we not?)
    • Love or Fear? (is it that simple? the movie fluctuates from No to Yes)
    • Movies that involve time discplacement seem to usually be paradoxical
    • Hypnotism and NeuroLinguisticProgramming in Donnie Darko from the Barbelith wiki
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