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    Difference between revisions of "MattisManzel/LightningTalkOn21C3"


    Revision as of 17:32, 11 December 2004

    There are lightning talks on the 21C3, I'm preparing one here. It's anounced for the 2nd day No. 9 for now.

    I'd very much apprechiate to say "This talk is the common work of the wikki-fellows I will name in aproximately 5 minutes."

    Wiki-nodes + subwikis + wiki-hives + node-wikis = hive-mind? - What's hot in wikilandia?

    What it is all about isn't less than the reconstruction of the structure of the human brain - or some processing mechanismn even superior to this best of all known computers - on the metalevel, globally, as one common and single "mental" organismn and in unity. This is possible and allready developing rapidly as there is both pleeenty of human intelligence and the techniques involved to make the right information flow to the right individual/"neuron" at the right time.

    Just drafting. Including title. Better idea for it?

    List of contributors:

    • MattisManzel
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