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Wikipedia has declared war on s23 Wiki! Burps 07:34, 1 Apr 2005 (CEST)

s23 is currently discussing their terms of surrender.

(Note: You might want to protect your main page in the future. --wikipedia:User:Goobergunch 08:15, 1 Apr 2005 (CEST))


Non-hierarchical geek contents dis-organization by uncensored, decentralized, transglobal multi-user hypertext editing without restrictions.

a.k.a. the Anarchistic Publishing tool of the Seti23 cabal and friends

We do have a licence and admins.

You can:

Learn first

  1. Learn what the hell a Wiki really is @ Usemod:WhatIsAWiki
  2. Learn how to edit a Wiki page from Tutorial
or if you have ADD or are impatient try The_S23_Quick_and_Dirty_Wiki_Tutorial_for_the_Impatient
  1. Learn some Tips & Tricks from S23 Wiki Tips

Search and Read the wiki

  1. Browse: Browse the wiki by Categories or Index.
  2. Search: Perform a regular search in the navigation box on the left side.
  3. Updates: Check the Recent changes. (see who's been editing the Wiki)
  4. Index: Show an Index of all Wiki pages.
  5. RSS: Read the Wiki in your reader app of choice using rss newsfeeds.
  6. IRC: Check Wiki updates on IRC (EfNet) using '!news s23' in any channels you find the goddess 'Kallisti'. 'currently inactive - need to update bot script to mediawiki'
  7. Jabber: Add the user to your roster and receive updates in your Jabber client

Create new pages

  • Create a new page by just opening a new URL like this:<keyword>.


Edit existing content

  • In a Wiki you will always find an "Edit" button (In this wiki it is at the top(and side for sections) of the page) Just hit it.
  • You dont need to register or a password. (Only optional: You can set up a UserName if you wish, click UserName for more info)

Help to make the wiki better

Just fool around

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