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Revision as of 02:39, 9 December 2004 by imported>KunDa (despam)

the [in]famous HackerSlang dictionary





on DeBian:

apt-get install jargon-text vh & vh jargon

vh: Description: Volks-hypertext browser

Designed for use with the Jargon File but useful for lexicons in general
(lighter-weight than WWW, fast search).

jargon-text: Description: The definitive compendium of hacker slang

This is the Jargon File, a comprehensive compendium of hacker slang
illuminating many aspects of hackish tradition, folklore, and humor.
This version is in the original text format and is best viewed with
Volks-hypertext browser (vh), but can be viewed without it.

there is also the package "jargon"

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