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What / Who are 'The Invisibles'?

Oh you are in for a treat... I say this since just like any wonderful and mind-blowing movie or book I have encountered in my life that moved me into a new sphere of bewilderment and experience. I wished I could encounter it again with a fresh mind, never have seeing it before so i could experience it just like the 1st time.

The creator of this comic is Grant Morrison. Mr. Nice and Smooth http://www.grant-morrison.com/images/king%20mobby.jpg His resume & a Stilleto

"Part of Morrison's sheer genius was to take familiar conspiracy and disinformation culture memes -

and re-shape them into radically new scenarios. The Invisibles series is full of encyclopedic cut-and-paste references to films, pop music icons, tabloid controversies, historical figures, fringe science theories and much more." -(borrowed from disinfo.com)

I suggest you buy the graphic novels, they are worth it. If you search around online I guarantee that you will encounter fans that will really spoil the reading experience for you.

back to the question of:

Who / What are the Invisibles?[edit]

Start reading ISBN 1563892677

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