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To make your own local mp3-database, baed on mysql ,with a browser frontend, check out MysqlMp3:


made by SteveKemp ,author and maintainer of the GNUMP3d.

This handles most of the important steps:

   * Indexing an MP3 collection to a database
   * Allowing browsing and streaming
   * Statistics collection
   * Searching for music


   To use this software you will need an MySQL database server, upon the same host as your MP3s.
   You will also need a working Perl installation, with the following two additional modules installed:
       * DBI - A database abstraction layer.
       * HTML::Template - A templating system.
   Upon a Debian system these can be installed by running the following commands as root:
apt-get update
apt-get install libdbi-perl
apt-get install libhtml-template-perl

How It Works

   The software is in two parts:
       * An indexer which scans a directory recursively looking for media content and inserting it into a database
       * A deamon which runs and listens upon a network port, answering requests with information stored in the database which the indexer inserted.


Works fine for me right away, just followed the instructions. --mutante

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