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In Windows XP go to StartMenu , and Run... "wmic" a new type of console prompt will show up, (not the regular cmd.exe),which looks like this:


on this prompt type "process" and you will get a list of all running processes ,but unlike in regular Task Manager, you get FULL pathes to the actual .exe files, which is very useful, (and actually should be like this in normal TaskMan anyways..!)

You can do a LOT more with [WmIc WMIC]...

does win2k have this aswell? -KunDa

"Do you know any tricks for installing the Microsoft Windows Management Instrumentation Command-line (WMIC) tool on Windows 2000 computers?

I'm unaware of any such tricks. My understanding is that WMIC has a dependency on components that aren't available in Win2K. You can certainly use WMIC to manage any WMI-enabled computerùyou just need to run it from Windows Serve . . . "

from: http://www.winnetmag.com/WindowsScripting/Article/ArticleID/40520/40520.html