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is it:

  • a physical place in space/time?
  • a state of mind that likened to ignorance of all life being interconnected?
  • a over-used curse word?
  • other people?

DJ Hell

Real Name: Helmut Josef Geier

Profile: DJ Hell (or simply Hell) has balanced Detroit minimalism and Chicago acid-house as well as more spacious German trance and hardcore. Beginning his mixing career while still a teenager, Hell moved through punk and new wave to electro, house and hip-hop by the mid-'80s. His DJing gradually led to the start of his production career, and one of his first singles "My Definition of House Music" became a large club hit when reissued by Belgium's R&S Records in 1992. He moved to Berlin to work with Hardwax Records during 1993-94, and also spent time in New York before moving back to his native Munich. Besides releasing his album debut Geteert und Gefedert on Disko B in 1994, DJ Hell recorded a volume in the Studio !K7 mix series X-Mix. His second full-length, Munich Machine, also appeared on Disko B -- though credited simply to Hell. Besides continuing to DJ around the world, he also ran the International Deejay Gigolos label, which released tracks by Jeff Mills, Christopher Just and David Carretta, among others.

Aliases: Hell

In Groups: Hell & Naughty, Quadromania