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Du hast alte, benutzte oder Hardware die du nicht brauchst?

Schreibs doch hierhin, vielleicht k├Ânnen wir noch was tauschen,so dass jeder was davon hat. Oder halt gegen Work Units,Shell accounts oder Geld oder sontwas tauschen..

Have old / used hardware you dont need anymore?

List it here, maybe we can trade against something else.

I see work units, shell or money mentioned here. Might seem a bit drastic to mention it in this context here, but heck. I'm thinking of new money, of rebuilding the idea "money" from scratch. The basic idea is: We have money, Dollars, Euros, Yen, whatever. The insolvable problem about these is: nobody knows how much there are of. They are completely speculative. There is no way to find out. We need new money. We need two know parameters. A:) How much do I own. B:) How much of of the new money does exist in the world. I think new money has to be purely virtual, there shall be no banknotes and no coins of it. I made up the name Terra for the new currency. The Terra currency is allready a project of Bernhard Lietaer, we exchanges some mails last year. I decided to name it eTerra instead. The idea did not evolve much eversince, but it's still hot. There are wikis where thinking on something similar is going on: The Transitioner, united diversity (they're on #esp on IRC), I have a wiki granted by lion kimbro, if I want to start it, could be the eTerraWiki. There is a little stuff on CW and the german stuff I cooked up with sigi about it on and linked pages). It's all pretty messy. But it has to be started. -- MattisManzel