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This is a little Mediawiki Extension to include Flickr thumbnails. This example gets the X most interesting pictures (yes, Flickr really sorts like "sort"=>"interestingness-desc", by the users rating) for the tag you specify. You can use this to instantly put some related pictures on Wiki pages that dont have pictures yet. This is just a quick example, and can be heavily extended. Feel free to do so.

What you type:

<flickr limit=5>Fnord</flickr>

What you get:

<flickr limit=5>Fnord</flickr>

If you wish to just insert one photo, of your choice, then you require this Flickr extension : (which requires no additional PEAR or phpFlickr libraries).

The <flickr>-tag surrounds a keyword/Flickr Tag and optionally you can use limit to change the amount of thumbnails being shown, the maximum for tag-length is 255 chars and the maximum for limit is 10.

This is possible due to using a) the Flickr API, b) phpFlickr, c) the Debian PHP-Pear packages and d) a nice article in the latest iX (german) magazine, issue July 2006, p. 62 called "Bildergeflimmer". We could call this a Flickr->Mediawiki Mashup (->same iX issue, p. 55). mutante 20:56, 18 June 2006 (CEST)


<highlightSyntax> <?php

  1. Flickr > Mediawiki MashUp Test (Web 2.3)
  2. mutante from
  3. inspired by "iX" magazine issue July 2006, p.62 article "Bildergeflimmer"
  4. greets: cosmea,took,DrOwl,Kunda,Finn,hundfred,kdoz... and all of S23

$wgExtensionFunctions[] = "wfFlickrExtension";

  1. extension hook callback function from mediawiki

function wfFlickrExtension() { global $wgParser; $wgParser->setHook( "flickr", "renderFlickr" );


$wgExtensionCredits['parserhook'][] = array(

       'name' => 'Flicker extension',
       'author' => 'mutante',
       'url' => ' Extension',
       'version' => '0.23',
       'description' => 'Lets users insert \'most interesting\' Flickr thumbnails into wiki pages.'


function renderFlickr( $input, $argv ) { global $wgOutputEncoding;

  1. How many pictures to show , upper limit 10, if not good,set default to 3
  2. Make really sure the input is integer

if (is_numeric($argv["limit"]) && is_int(intval($argv["limit"])) && $argv["limit"]>0 && $argv["limit"] <11) { $limit=intval($argv["limit"]); } else { $limit=3; }

  1. What is the tag

$input = mysql_real_escape_string($input);

  1. If not too long, set Input Text as Tag

if (!is_string($input) || strlen($input)>255) { $input="error"; } else { $tag=$input; }


$f = new phpFlickr("<your Flickr API key here>"); $f->enableCache("fs","./flickr_cache");

  1. get the X most interesting pictures for tag "flower"

$photos_interesting = $f->photos_search(array("tags"=>"$tag", "sort"=>"interestingness-desc","per_page"=>$limit));

  1. output a table with the pictures



if (is_array ($photos_interesting['photo']) && count($photos_interesting['photo'])>0) { foreach ($photos_interesting['photo'] as $photo) {



The $limit most interesting photos from Flickr for the tag '$tag'
<a href=$photo[owner]/$photo[id]><img border='0' alt='$photo[title]' " . " src=". $f->buildPhotoURL($photo, "Square") . "></a>


} else { $output="Flickr Extension: no images found for tag $input"; } return $output;


?> </highlightSyntax>