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Bulletin Boards

File Name:	r57punbb.pl.txt
PunBB versions 1.2.2 and below remote authentication bypass exploit.
Homepage:	http://www.rst.void.ru
File Size:	3295
Last Modified:	Mar 30 11:36:42 2005

< See above and update your punBB installations.

Mozilla Platform


Mozilla Platform's Code Execution Vulnerabilities

Vulnerable Systems:

* Mozilla Firefox version 1.0.1 and prior
* Mozilla Suite version 1.7.5 and prior
* Mozilla Thunderbird version 1.0.1 and prior

Immune Systems:

* Mozilla Firefox version 1.0.2 and above
* Mozilla Suite version 1.7.6 and above
* Mozilla Thunderbird version 1.0.2 and above


Weakness in implemenation of proccessing SIP-Notify-Messages in VoIP-Phones.