Elul machine

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"The 'Elul machine' represents events not as data in the traditional sense, but as relations, i.e. it records only relations as parts of an arbitrary input sequence that make up the entire sequence as a whole."

"the Elul machine, different from the Turing machine and all other mechanisms in general, has a 'polylogic' structure:"

"the objects of the system are exclusively (proprietary) addresses as connections representing relations, from which data can be generated.."

"the emerging structure is not hierarchical, yet layered."

"The machine is currently implemented on a standard von-Neumann hardware architecture under a standard operating system (Windows). Whether it can in fact solve problems that principally are not solvable by Turing machines, remains to proven in practical applications."

Telepolis: The Paranoid Machine Telepolis: Die Paraonide Maschine