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=== Eris Free Network ===
This is [[ErisFreeNetwork|Eris Free Network]] a large and old [[IRC]] [[network]].
see [[EfNet]]
One of the biggest and oldest [[Irc]] networks.
Named after the Goddess [[Eris]]. Which is knee-slapping hillarious.
Related: [[IRC]], [[Eris]], [[Network]]
* [http://efnet.org efnet.org]
* [http://map.efnet.info/ latest EF Net map]
* [http://efnet.org/?module=servers efnet server list]
=== Channels on Efnet ===
== External Links ==
* [http://www.efnet.org/ EFnet IRC Network] Official Site
* [http://www.efnet.org/?module=servers EFnet Servers]
The most oldest discordian chann on [[Efnet]] is #[[Illuminati]]
* [http://erienet.net/~circle EFnet Server List update every 4 hours]
There is also the S23 [[CSeti|SETI]] channel appropriately named #[[Seti23]]
* [http://map.efnet.org/ EFNet map]
* [http://www.efnet.org/forum EFnet Forums]
You might want to try these channels: #seti23 #s23 #23 #fnord #discord #illuminati #bots #egghelp #idlerpg #eggtcl #shrooms #debian #debian.de #hackerz #perl #2600
* [http://chat.efnet.org/ EFnet Webchat]
Add more below:
#AlienPr0n #S23MembersAllNakedAndSmokingDrugs #GoodCleanFun #MyGodCanKickYourGodsAss
=== #wiki on Efnet ===
In the channel #wiki on Efnet you can find the [[Special:Recentchanges|recent changes]] of this wiki and use some [[bot]] commands like:
.rc - display last 5 recent changes
.stats - display s23 wiki access statistics
.find <word> - Search for Wiki pages whose title include <word>
.sysops - show sysop mail adresses for emergencies
(more to come if you deliver ideas)

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