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Discordian Cabals (rankings Sept. 2007)

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Also see Discordian Cabals

This was moved here from Discordian Cabals (rankings), which was updated in July 2008

This is a ranking of the unique visits to Discordian-related sites made in September, 2007 as measured by Quantcast. The sites are as listed at Discordian Cabals with some exceptions. Sites that have a domain name followed by a / and then a subdomain name (such as www.geocities.com/tribhis, where tribhis is a subdomain of geocities.com) are not included because they aren't ranked by Quantcast. Sites that have a subdomain name followed by a . and then a domain name (such as orca.chaosmagic.com) are not always included as such. If the main domain is Discordian, Discordian related, or has two or more subdomains of Discordians, then the subdomain isn't listed separately. Instead, the main domain is listed instead as its numbers include those of the subdomains. (Example: 23ae.com has subdomains including appendix.23ae.com and fayanora.23ae.com, and the listing for the main site includes the hit numbers for the subdomains). This list also does not include sites that seem to have been discontinued.

For comparison purposes, this lists only unique visitors from the United States (these are the only visits listed for a site that doesn't specifically have quantcast code). Thus the actual number of unique visits to each of these sites is probably greater. Also for comparison purposes, the official site of Robert Anton Wilson and Arlen Riley Wilson, and the official site of the Church of the SubGenius, were added to the list.

Note that a ranking of <2000 essentially means it wasn't ranked, but had under 2,000 hits that month (usually well under). Rankings such as 387 appear for more than one site--none of these numbers are necessarily exact, but are as reported by Quantcast.

The s23 - Discordian Cabals Rankings by Quantcast (Sept. 2007)
NameURLUnique U.S. Visits
23 Apples of Eris www.23ae.com 1,782
The...Adepts of Slack www.adeptsofslack.com <2,000
Bavarian Illuminati Motorcycle Club/Cabal www.bimc.org 398
The Beak www.thebeak.org <2,000
Cabal of the Apathetic discordia.org.uk 775
Castle Chaos/Sacred Order of O.D.D. castlechaos.com <2,000
Chaos Magic chaosmagic.com 774
Church of No Dead Saints discordian.com 387
Church of the SubGenius subgenius.com 38,352
Die erisische Bewegung erisisch.de <2,000
Discordia IL discordia.org.il >2000
The Discordian Cabal of Cable discordia.ch <387
Discordian Cabal For Free Flow Of Information dcfffoi.cwz.net <2,000
Eristic Order of Saint Xochipilli of Flowers xochipilli.com <2,000
Eriswerks eriswerks.org 797
Fantasy Maps fantasymaps.com 387
The Illusionati Cabal ("Eye-See") illusionati.tripod.com <2,000
Jubal jubal.westnet.com 3,097
The Loveshade Family www.loveshade.org 26,426
The Order of the Beak (see The Beak) orderofthebeak.com <2,000
Plateau of Leng Cabal chaostalisman.com 397
POEE.org poee.org 387
Polish Cabal of Chaos / Polska Koteria Chaosu www.chao.pl <2,000
S23 Wiki s23.org 387
sacredchao.com www.sacredchao.com <2,000
StGulik. net www.stgulik.net <2,000
Techno-Pagan Presbypartian Church toxicsurfer.tripod.com <2,000
The Universe of Discourse www.plover.com 6,195
The Wholly Chao Cabal www.whollychao.org <2,000
Robert Anton Wilson & Arlen Riley Wilson rawilson.com 4,106
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