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    I form the light, and create darkness: I make peace, and create evil: I the LORD do all these things Isaiah 45:7

    The knowledge of the secrets of the kingdom of God has been given to you, but to others I speak in parables, so that, 'through seeing, they may not see; through hearing, they may not understand. Luke 8:10

    Onwards Christian Soldiers, Onwards Buddhist Priests. Onward, Fruits of Islam, Fight till you're deceased. Fight your little battles. Join in thickest fray; For the Greater Glory, of Dis-cord-i-a. Yah, yah, yah, Yah, yah, yah, yah. Blfffffffffffft!

    -- An Erisian Hymn

      by Rev. Dr. Mungojerry Grindlebone, KOB

    = "Many mind-altering substances can be bought in the supermarket."

    "And the Lord stood upon the mountain top, and looking down on this followers he spoke:

                       "HAIL ERIS! ALL HAIL DISCORDIA!"- Maz



    <DrGorilla> its the cult of raw
    <DrGorilla> and ken kersey or whatever the fuck his name is
    <DrGorilla> its scientology for hippies
    <mutante>   its also been called a "self-subverting dada-zen for westeners"
    <DrGorilla> hahaha yah
    <DrGorilla> good one
    <DrGorilla> "all discordians lie"
    <DrGorilla> that about sums it up
    <mutante>   yeah,its just like those guys from Crete
    <JohnnyMu>  I'm so disappointed in you all for not defending the faith.  
                Discordians never lie, damnit!
    <JohnnyMu>  and RAW did not create the discordians



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