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Wiki related packages in DeBian:

apt-cache search wiki

abiword-plugins - Plugins for AbiWord
aswiki - WikiWikiWeb clone (Wiki Engine) written in Ruby
bamboo - A website creation tool with wiki-like features
cvstrac - Low-ceremony bug tracker for medium-sized projects under CVS
docbook-xsl - stylesheets for processing DocBook XML files to various output formats
egroupware-wiki - eGroupWare wiki application
emacs-wiki - Maintain a local Wiki using Emacs-friendly markup
hiki - Wiki Engine written in Ruby
hping3 - Active Network Smashing Tool
kwiki - A Quickie Wiki that's not too Tricky
libapache-miniwiki-perl - Miniature Wiki for Apache
libredcloth-ruby - Textile module for Ruby
libredcloth-ruby1.8 - Textile module for Ruby 1.8
libsablevm1 - Free implementation of JVM second edition - library
libsablevm1-dev - Free implementation of JVM secon edition - JNI development files
libtext-wikiformat-perl - translates Wiki formatted text into other formats
moin - MoinMoin - a Python clone of WikiWiki
parsewiki - Documentation System Based on ASCII Text
phpgroupware-wiki - phpGroupWare wiki module
phpwiki - An informal collaborative website manager
planner-el - The Emacs Planner
python-simpletal - Simple TAL, TALES and METAL implementation
python2.2-simpletal - Simple TAL, TALES and METAL implementation, python 2.2 version
python2.3-simpletal - Simple TAL, TALES and METAL implementation, python 2.3 version
sablevm - Free implementation of Java Virtual Machine (JVM) second edition
tdiary - New generation weblog, which has many features like TSUKKOMI
trac - Enhanced wiki and issue tracking system for software development projects
twiki - A Web Based Collaboration Platform
usemod-wiki - Perl-based Wiki clone
wiliki - Yet another Wiki clone written in Scheme
zope-translationservice - A location-aware translation service for Zope
zope-zwiki - WikiWikiWeb on Zope
jspwiki - WikiWikiWeb clone written in Java