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    How to retire an element

    you can just use:

    Concord/nhModifyElements -infile <file> -fieldName nmsState -value Retired
    • Issue: 	How to retire an element

    Issue: What is the correct procedure to manually retire an element Issue: If an element is no longer on the network, but historical data needs to be maintained, what is the correct procedure Fact: eHealth Fix: Retiring an element will turn polling off and the element will not be used in comparisons during discovery. Historical reports will still be able to be run be run against the retired element.

    For eHealth version 5.5 and earlier:

    1. In the Poller Configuration UI, select the element(s) to be retired and select the 'Modify' option.

    2. In the 'Modify Element' dialog box, modify the following element attributes:

    a. Set Poll to 'Off' b. Delete the value in the System Name field c. Specify '' in the IP Address field d. Specify '0' in the Hardware ID field e. If Discover Key field is populated, delete the contents of that field

    3. Select 'OK' to close the 'Modify Element' dialog box.

    NOTE: If a different element has been retired with the same agent type and index values, the status bar indicates that an element already exists with these properties. To resolve this problem, change the IP address.

    For example, change the IP address from to

    4. Repeat Steps 1 through 3 for each element that will be retired.

    5. Select 'OK' or 'Apply' in the Poller Configuration UI to save the changes.

    For eHealth version 5.6.5 and later:

    1. In the Poller Configuration UI, select the element(s) to be retired

    2. Click the retire element button to retire the elements.

    Also, starting with versions 5.6.5 and later, elements can be retired form the command line with the nhModifyElements command:

    1. Create a text file with a single column list of element names to retire:


    router1-RH router1-FastEthernet0/1

    2. Pass as an -inFile to the nhModifyElements command as follows:

    nhModifyElements -infile <file> -fieldName nmsState -value Retired

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