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Yes it is spelt Concord, there is no missing E.

I'm just going to put a load of Concord EHealth Hints that I have on here. =)

Concord Ehealth is a monitoring tool, used to monitor router / switches / servers / applications / latency

Well it will monitor almost anything in a computer network.

Mostly it uses SNMP.

   * Concord/dci2csv
   * Concord/NhReport
   * Concord/Sqlplus
   * Concord/NhSchedule
   * Concord/NhModifyElements
   * Concord/ListGroups
   * Concord/ManualDiscover
   * Concord/GetNamefromIP
   * Concord/ExportElementsData
   * Concord/DataBaseSave
   * Concord/getNmsDeletedElements
   * Concord/RetireElement

Concord is also a city in northern California in the BayArea. my daughter is living there --mutante