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A standartized way of readerfriendly linking, translateable and thus fair for all languages all over wikilandia, is possible. See meatball-wiki: clean linking and surf wiki-engines.



[de]Sauberes Verlinken
[en]Clean linking

[de][WorkingLanguage Arbeitssprache]: en
[en][WorkingLanguage Working-language]: en

Clean linking makes it possible for any kind of links on any kind of wiki to:

  • look alike, regardless which engine the wiki runs on.
  • be orthographically and grammatically correct.
  • eliminate any use of camel-case spelling from the read mode.
  • translate the name of a page into different languages, which is essential for true multilingual pages.

Recommendations on how to use clean links in order to unify wikilandia:

(click "Edit this page" to see how the links get done)

Internal clean linking:

External clean linking using the URL of a page:

  • You put the name of the wiki + colon + pipe in front of the name of the clean link.

This page here exists on several other wiki running different engines to show how easy it could be. We first make clean links to each of these pages using the pages URL and then using near links. You'll recognize no diffence between them unless you look at the page in edit-mode.

now the same using near-links: