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In 2000, a small group of relatively unknown high school students in Upstate New York were sitting in a basement not stoned when one of them decided there should be a "Pirate Time". No one seemed to dispute the issue, so someone asked "When should Pirate Time be?" He looked at the clock and said, "9:11". It was 9:10.

Twice per day per timezone, hardly anyone celebrates Pirate time at local 9:11 AM and 9:11 PM. It only lasts a minute, hence the song "Let's all dance and sing a song, 'cuz Pirate Time's a minute long! Yarrr...". Participants are encouraged to make lame pirate jokes in lamer pirate accents. The remained of this page is dedicated to such jokes.

Pirate jokes

What, is a Pirate's favorite country?
What, is a Pirate's favorite subject in school?
What, is a Pirate's favorite television show?
EeeArrrr! (ER)
What, is a Pirate's favorite actor?
George Clooney! Eeeyarrr har har!
What, is a Pirate's favorite greek myth?
Jason and the arrrrgggggonauts!

People celebrating Pirate Time are said to have "The Pirate Nature". It is also said that they possess "The Loser Nature".